DIY Detachable Collar Spikes Tutorial


DIY Detachable Collar Spikes Tutorial

DIY collar studs tutorial
This tutorial is for the indecisive types out there. Like me. I bought a shirt to add spikes to the collar, and then I couldn’t decide which spikes to use. I was also worried that I’d eventually get tired of the spikes or that it would look horribly dated once the trend had run its course. This way I can switch out the spikes whenever I feel like it, and add them to all of my collared shirts with no commitment.

Spikes or studs (the screw-on or rivet type, though you can discard the screw or rivet)
Lapel pin blanks (Available on Etsy and Amazon; also known as “tie tack blanks”)
Glue (I love E-6000)
Pen or pencil*

*I managed to find one set of lapel pin/tie tack blanks at a local shop, but it looks like most of the ones available online have larger pad surfaces than the ones I used. If you buy this type, you can skip steps 1-3 and just glue the stud directly to the pin blank. Just make sure that the pin pad will fit into the back of your spike or stud.

DIY collar studs tutorial
1. Trace your spike or stud twice onto a piece of chipboard (thin cardboard, like the kind cereal and cracker boxes are made of. You could definitely use one of these.)
DIY collar studs tutorial
2. Cut out the chipboard shapes you just traced. Make sure to cut inside the lines, so that your chipboard will fit into the back of the spikes.
DIY collar studs tutorial
3. Insert the pin through the center of the chipboard. If it’s difficult to get it through the board, use a large needle to start the hole. Slide the pin through the chipboard as far as it will go.
DIY collar studs tutorial
4. Cover the top of the chipboard and pin back with a layer of glue. Add a layer of glue in the back of the spike, as well.
DIY collar studs tutorial
5. Press the glue-covered pinback into the back of the spike. Allow to dry.
DIY collar studs tutorial

DIY detachable collar studs tutorial

DIY collar studs tutorial

Although I didn’t do it this time, you could easily do the same thing with pronged spikes/studs. Just put the chipboard on the pin back, add glue to the back of the spike/stud, and wrap the prongs onto the back of the chipboard.

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  1. I love the spike collar look but I have never been sure if I would want it permanently. This is a great idea!
    Nikki x

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