Tutorial: DIY Ribbon Headband

Tutorial: DIY Ribbon Headband

Today I thought I’d start 2013 off with an easy tutorial. This headband is the perfect accessory to jazz up an outfit, and you don’t even need a sewing machine to make it. I sewed mine by hand, and it only took me a couple of minutes to make.

Ribbon (a yard will be plenty)
Elastic the same width as your ribbon
Measuring tape

headband 1


1. Measure around your head where you want to wear your headband and cut the ribbon this length plus 3-4 inches, depending on how large you want your bow.

2. At the mid-point of the ribbon, loop it to form a flat bow and hand sew the center of the bow together with a few stitches.
headband 2
3. Cut another small piece of ribbon about 1.5 inches. Loop it around the center of the bow, folding the raw edges under, and hand-stitch in place.
headband 3

headband 3_
4. Now cut a piece of elastic about 3.5 inches long. Fold the raw edges of the ribbon under twice and sew the ribbon to the elastic. Repeat for the other end of the elastic and ribbon.
headband 4
Try on your new headband! I was only going to test mine out for the photos, but it was so comfortable and cute that I wore it all day. I might have to make one to match every outfit.
headband 6

headband 7

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