DIY Brass Bead Earrings


DIY Brass Bead Earrings

DIY brass earrings

After making a couple of bracelets with these beads, I still had plenty left over. So I decided to make some earrings. In the process, I learned a couple of new beading techniques. To make these, I used peyote stitch, which is a method of weaving beads together. It’s really not hard at all if you have good diagrams to follow. I used these great instructions for “Flat, Odd-Count Peyote Stitch” with a base of 13 beads. Then I just added one row of beads, wove my thread ends in, and tied a couple of half-hitch knots to secure everything. After I had woven both earrings I added the hooks by looping them through the beading thread.

brass earrings

They add a nice bit of sparkle to an outfit, and now I know how to do peyote stitch. You could even cross these earrings with yesterday’s bracelet DIY and make a peyote stitch bracelet, if you want a more complicated project.

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  1. What a quick and easy idea! I have a strand of these beads in silver. Might have to whip me up a pair! Thanks for sharing.

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