DIY Jewelry Storage

Recently I was searching for a way to store my stud earrings so that they’re organized, but I can still see them. When they’re hidden away in a jewelry box I tend to forget about them, and I wanted a way to make them easy to see but keep them contained. For my hook earrings I have something like this, but with lace fabric instead of metal. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for stud earrings. I wasn’t coming up with any good DIY solutions, though, until I saw a metal mesh pencil cup at a thrift store. It’s perfect for storing and displaying stud earrings, and you can keep bracelets or other jewelry inside. I haven’t seen this storage solution before, so I thought it was worth sharing. These mesh pencil cups come in a variety of sizes, are easy to find secondhand, and even new, they’re pretty inexpensive. I’ve seen them in black, white, and silver, and I bet you could even paint them with spray paint made for metal.

earring holder 2
Mesh pencil cup DIY stud earring storage

I started thinking about other DIY jewelry solutions out there, and decided to share a few projects I came across. People are repurposing all kinds of things for jewelry storage.

This rack is made from cutlery trays.

Vintage teacups and bowls look pretty filled with jewelry in a drawer.

This was a serving tray.

There are lots of variations of turning a paper towel holder into a jewelry rack.

Even muffin tins can make cute jewelry storage.

How do you store your jewelry? Any genius solutions to share?

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  1. Adventures in Dressmaking says:

    Cool ideas! I recently turned a tie rack into a necklace rack, painted it white… will be sharing soon!

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