DIY Bracelet Fastener

Last week I made myself this handy little bracelet fastening tool. I vaguely remember seeing commercials for some version of this type of tool on tv, and I recall that they prominently featured old ladies. So I feel a little bit like a grandma for using this, but it’s totally useful. I don’t always have someone around to help me fasten a pile of bracelets around my wrist, and this tool makes it so much easier. Here’s how it works:

(Demonstrated with one of my DIY neon rope bracelets, but it works with pretty much any bracelet.)

Clever, right? I would have made a tutorial, but it’s ridiculously easy, and I basically just followed these instructions to bend the wire into the correct shape. If you ever have trouble fastening bracelets, take 5 minutes and make yourself one of these.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Bracelet Fastener

  1. This is so simple but genius! Wish I had this the other night…I totally could not get my bracelet hooked and my husband wasn’t home to help me…the situation was dire! lol!

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