Fun with Washi Tape

Today I played around with washi tape a bit. I love the stuff, but except for using it to tape up orders for my shop, I never quite know what to do with it. Today, though, I used it to make some notebooks and my pencil cup (ahem, a tin can), way more cute.

The striped tape is from a local Portland craft store, and the spotted tape is from Paper Source.

Read on for more details about how I did it.


I bought these tiny little Molskine notebooks to carry around in my purse, but they only come in limited colors and were a little too plain for my taste. So I wrapped them both in washi tape.

I very carefully lined up the stripes to get this neat continuous stripe effect.washi-tape-stripes-2
The striped one ended up being my favorite of the two.

Do you have any washi tape? What do you use it for?

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