DIY Lotion Bars

DIY Lotion Bars

DIY Simple Lotion Bar Recipe
A couple of weeks ago I decided to try making my own lotion bars. They turned out really well, so I thought I’d share my recipe.

Simple Lotion Bars

1/4 cup beeswax, chopped or grated
1/4 cup cocoa butter, chopped or grated
1/4 cup coconut oil
1 Tablespoon almond oil
1 Tablespoon jojoba oil

In a microwaveable bowl or cup, heat the beeswax and cocoa butter in short bursts (about 30 seconds each), until they melt. Stir with a wooden coffee stirrer or skewer. Add the oils, stir to mix, and pour into muffin tins lined with paper baking cups. Place in the refrigerator (or freezer) until set.
Makes 2.

I adapted this recipe from this one and this one, but you’ll notice that I scaled them down to only make two bars. I wanted to make sure that I like this recipe (I do!), but I also figured it will take me quite a while to go through the bars. And it definitely will. So unless you’re giving them as gifts, you may want to keep your batch size pretty small.
DIY Simple Lotion Bar Recipe
To use, just gently rub the bar on your skin. Your body heat will melt the oils.
DIY Simple Lotion Bar Recipe

A note on tools and cleanup: It’s really difficult to clean wax from cooking implements. So when possible, either use tools dedicated to soap/bodycare projects, or use disposable items.

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19 thoughts on “DIY Lotion Bars

  1. Made these a few weeks ago to give to to my teenaged daughter who copes with both eczema and psoriasis. She’s tried them on just one area to make certain it wouldn’t exacerbate the inflammation. So far, so good! Her only complaint is that the scent makes her hungry.

    1. Jane, I’m so glad that they’re working well for her! That’s funny about the hunger, though. I guess maybe you could substitute something for the cocoa butter to make them smell less like food.

  2. Will the bars melt on room temperature? How should I store them? Would it hold if I wrapped in parchment paper?

    1. They shouldn’t melt at room temperature, as long as your room isn’t super hot. Parchment paper or even just brown paper would be a great way to store them.

  3. I’m glad to know that I can use disposable cupcake wrappers because I cannot imagine how much work it would be to clean wax out of my muffin tin. I also don’t have any molds around the house.

    I think the cupcake wrappers are actually kind of cute to use if I decide to give them away as gifts. Thanks for sharing!

  4. looking at using this as a fundraiser with my food and nutrition class..has anyone figured up approx cost to make 2 bars using the recipe above?

    1. Melt the wax, cocoa butter and coconut oil in a pot on low on the stove. Remove from heat, add remaining oils and essential oils (if desired).

  5. Great post! I’ve done this using a double boiler and using silicone ice molds bought from discount stores like Marshall’s and Ross.

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