Vertical Garden Update

This weekend I finally hung up the succulent vertical garden I made out of a shadow box (tutorial here). Here’s what it looked like right after I finished planting it about 3 weeks ago:

DIY vertical succulent garden tutorial

And here’s what it looks like now, hung on a fence in my yard:
DIY vertical succulent garden tutorial

Seeing these two photos next to one another made me realize just how much the plants have grown! I mostly just left it alone, although I did add a few more plants to help it fill out faster and replace some that didn’t survive the transplantation. So far it seems to be doing really well, though I will probably move it to a sunnier spot. Right now it’s mostly in the shade, which isn’t ideal.

DIY vertical succulent garden tutorial

Some of the plants even started blooming, which is an unexpected bonus.
DIY vertical succulent garden tutorial

In other garden news, I’ve also been growing strawberries, and one very freaky carrot (it tasted normal, though).

Are you growing anything this year?

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