My Handmade Travel Bag


My Handmade Travel Bag

After my most recent trip, I realized that I needed a better travel bag. Since I’m flying down to California this weekend for my sister’s wedding, I decided to whip one up. I thought it would only take a couple of hours to design and sew a large, fully-lined bag. This was a vast underestimate. It ended up taking much, much longer, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Handmade Weekender/Travel Bag

Handmade Weekender/Travel Bag Handmade Weekender/Travel Bag

It was definitely inspired by some of the travel bags I featured in a product round-up, but it really hinged on the fabric, which I happened to find at Ikea. They’re not sold online, but I used this polka dot fabric, and a bit of this striped fabric for interior and exterior pockets (leftover from my waxed canvas bag project). The lining also incorporated some random leftover white canvas I had laying around, and I managed to use up two zippers from my stash, one on the exterior, and the other for a little pocket inside. The tabs that hold the D-rings that the strap attaches to are made out of some faux leather, and I used the same stuff for the bottom exterior of the bag. There’s something super satisfying about using up items I already have on something I’ll be able to use.
Handmade Weekender/Travel Bag

Now to pack it up! I leave for California tomorrow morning, and this bag is definitely going to come in handy. When I get back, I’ll show off the dress I sewed to wear to the wedding.

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