DIY Decorated Ring Holder

DIY polka dot ring holder/dish DIY polka dot ring holder/dish

Rings: Wolf ring (old), and my handmade stacking rings.

One problem with making accessories is running out of places to store them. When I saw this ring dish, I knew that it would be super useful for jewelry storage. But it needed a little something more, so I upgraded it with metallic gold polka dots. You don’t have to do dots, though–you could go for stripes, chevrons, hearts, or just a gold rim.

Ceramic ring holder/dish (mine is from the $1 bins at Target)
Metallic gold pen (I used a Deco Color Calligraphy Pen)
DIY polka dot ring holder/dish
Use the pen to freehand polka dots on your dish. If you make a mistake, you can remove the pen by rubbing with some acetone nailpolish on a Q-tip. Let the paint dry before piling on your rings. DIY polka dot ring holder/dish

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