DIY Gold Dot Napkins

DIY gold dot napkins tutorial
Remember the cloth napkins I made? I decided that they were too plain, and that they needed some exciting details. Inspired by a set of foiled dot cloth napkins I saw at Anthropologie a while back, I set out to add shiny polka dots to my napkins. Since they’re a little bit fancy, these would be great for a holiday party, or on a festive holiday table.

Cotton cloth napkins (Made from this tutorial, but there’s no reason you can’t use pre-made ones.)
Tulip Iron-On Hologram Transfer Sheets (as far as I can tell, the plain gold and silver only come in this four-pack with the holographic gold and silver)
Fabric pencil or chalk
Circle hole punch, 1/2″ (I used this EK Tools Circle Punch)
Pressing cloth
DIY gold dot napkins tutorial
DIY gold dot napkins tutorial

1. Measure and mark out the distances between the dots on your fabric. I spaced mine out 2 inches apart within each row.

DIY gold dot napkins tutorial

2. Cut out the required number of dots using the hole punch. I needed 46 dots per napkin. (Tip: Watching TV while you punch the dots is a great way to make it seem like less of a chore.)
DIY gold dot napkins tutorial
3. Follow the instructions on the transfer sheets and iron on the dots on the spots you marked. I worked in small areas of 3 or 4 dots at a time, pressing firmly with the iron for 40 seconds using a pressing cloth.
DIY gold dot napkins tutorial
DIY gold dot napkins tutorial
DIY gold dot napkins tutorial

This project was really easy, once I found the right tools. Originally I used a brand-new Fiskars circle cutter, and about halfway through cutting the dots it started jamming and stopped cutting correctly. It was a struggle to cut the remainder of the dots, and there was no way I could recommend this project to anyone else. So I ended up buying a different circle cutter, by EK Tools, and had no problems with it. The design is better, too, since it allows you to see exactly where you’re punching, and I ended up liking the smaller dot size better. (You can see the dots from the first punch I used on the red napkin.) So learn from my misfortune, and avoid the Fiskars cutter for this project.

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