Studded Boot Straps


Studded Boot Straps

DIY studded boot straps

When I was in Paris in October, I passed a couple of shoe stores near where we were staying that had cool studded motorcycle boots in the windows. A lot of the studding was actually on what looked like removable straps that could be placed in different positions on the boot. The day that I was going to go in and try them on (and maybe take some surreptitious photos) turned out to be a bank holiday, so the shops were closed, and although I’ve tried to re-trace my steps on google maps to track down the shops and find the boots online, I’ve had no luck. But I recently bought these biker boots when they went on sale, and although I love them plain, I decided to try out the studded strap concept, as best I could remember it. My fingers may be sore from the studding, but I’m pretty thrilled with how my straps turned out. I really like that I can change up the look a little just by turning the straps around, or removing them entirely.
DIY studded boot straps
When my fingers recover, I’m even planning to make another pair with a different stud pattern. Since I’m not going to provide detailed pictures of the process, this post is more for DIY inspiration than a tutorial. But here’s a basic rundown of how to make your own:

You’ll need:
Leather scraps (medium thickness)
Leather hole punch
D-rings, 4 (or O-rings)
Rivets, 4
Various studs (I bought all of mine on Etsy)

1. Measure the distance around your boot where you want your strap to sit.

2. Calculate the lengths of your strap segments by halving the distance around your boot, minus the widths of the D-rings.

3. Make a paper (or scrap fabric) and tape mock-up of your boot straps and test the fit on your boot. Adjust the prototype until it fits properly.

4. Use the paper prototype as a pattern, and cut the pieces out from the leather.

5. Fold the ends of the leather strips around the D-rings, punch holes, and rivet them in place.

6. Stud ’em up! Add studs in whatever pattern you choose. Use the chalk or a pen to mark where you want to place the studs, and pliers to fold down the prongs in the back.
DIY studded boot straps

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