Printable Feather Wrapping Paper

Yesterday I posted a bunch of present wrapping ideas, and I was so inspired by this one that I created my own version. Instead of evergreen branches, though, I scanned some pretty feathers.
DIY printable feather wrapping paper
All I did was lay out the feathers on my scanner bed and scan them, and then I did a little bit of cleaning up in Photoshop. It took a couple of scans to get the right arrangement, and I discovered that the feathers liked to stick to the lid of the scanner, so I covered them with a piece of paper so I wouldn’t have to start over after each scan. If you don’t want to scan your own feathers, you’re welcome to use mine.

feathers wrapping paper

Just print them out on white paper and wrap up something small. If your printer has the options, choose “borderless printing” and “fit to page,” and print on the highest quality settings.

DIY printable feather wrapping paper

Since regular paper is thicker than wrapping paper, make sure to use strong tape to keep your present shut until Christmas.

DIY printable feather wrapping paper

Merry Christmas Eve!

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