Plaid Skirt Makeover


Plaid Skirt Makeover

Yesterday I finished the dress-to-skirt transformation I mentioned last week. As a reminder, here’s the frumpy dress before:
plaid skirt makeover
And here’s the after:

plaid skirt makeover plaid skirt

To accomplish the transformation, I took apart the waist seam and one of the side seams. I put in an invisible zipper on the side so I could get it on and off. Pleating the skirt a bit more allowed me to make it small enough to fit my actual waist, and I added a waistband made from the original waist ties. It was actually a pretty easy refashion project, and I know I’ll definitely get a lot more wear out of this piece as a skirt than a dress. I’m just glad I saw the potential in it before I tossed it out!

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