DIY Desert Terrarium

DIY Desert Terrarium

DIY desert terrarium tutorial
For a while now I’ve had a little desert plant that hasn’t seemed to be doing well in my windows. I’ve tried watering it less, I’ve tried watering it more, I’ve tried different locations, and nothing has worked. It’s the kind of yellowish floppy one in the back right of the photos, and since I originally bought it intending to put it in a terrarium, I decided I’d see if it would thrive in a new home. Here is how to make a cute little desert terrarium that will (hopefully) make your plants happy.

terrarium 1
What you need:
Small succulent plants
Succulent/cactus soil
Activated charcoal
Small container (an open one is best so the desert plants don’t get too moist)
Decorative elements (rocks, crystals, shells, etc.)
Small paintbrush

How to make it:
Put a layer of pebbles in your container, followed by a sprinkling of activated charcoal. Add an inch or two of soil, and arrange your plants in the bowl, then add additional soil to cover their roots. A spoon is helpful for adding the soil and moving the plants around. Cover the soil with a layer of decorative sand. If you get sand on the plants, use a small paintbrush to brush as much as you can off. Decorate with crystals, rocks, etc.

DIY desert terrarium tutorial

DIY desert terrarium tutorial
Give your plants a little bit of water, and place in a nice sunny window.

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    1. It did recover! It’s been nearly a year since I made this terrarium, and the floppy plant is firm and healthy now.

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