DIY Beeswax Beaker Candles

DIY beeswax beaker candles
For a long time I’ve had a soft spot for industrial and science decor. So of course I do things like browse the American Science and Surplus site. When I saw these beakers I realized they’d be perfect for candles, and whipped up a batch with beeswax left over from making a waxed canvas bag. Of course you don’t have to use beakers for your candles–tins or mason jars would both work instead–but I love how these turned out.

DIY beeswax beaker candles DIY beeswax beaker candles

Glass lab beakers (I used the 50 mL and the 250 mL sizes)
Beeswax (I bought mine at a local farmer’s market, but you can buy it on Etsy)
Palm oil and/or coconut oil
Cotton candle wicks
Container for melting wax
Kitchen scale
Candy thermometer
Cutting board
Wooden skewers
Metal wick clips (optional)
DIY beeswax beaker candles
1. Bring water to a boil in a pot over high heat.
2. While the water is heating up, cut the wax into the smallest pieces you can manage. The smaller the pieces, the faster it’ll melt.
DIY beeswax beaker candles
3. Measure 8 oz. wax by weight. Put the wax into a tempered glass jar or measuring cup, and place it into the pot with the boiling water. Turn the heat down to medium.
DIY beeswax beaker candles
4. Melt the wax, using a candy thermometer to make sure the temperature doesn’t go over 180F. Stir occasionally with a wooden skewer. Don’t leave it unattended or let it start to smoke, or it could catch on fire.
5. When the beeswax has mostly melted, measure 8 oz of coconut and/or palm oil on the scale and add to the wax. Stir and let it melt.
6. While the wax is melting, prepare your candle wicks. Place the end in the bottom of the beaker, wrap or tie the top around a skewer, and cut. I did some with and some without the metal clips.
DIY beeswax beaker candles
7. When the wax is all melted, pour about a half inch of wax in the bottom of each jar. Center the wick, and let the wax solidify.
DIY beeswax beaker candles
8. Now pour the rest of the wax into the beakers.
DIY beeswax beaker candles
DIY beeswax beaker candles
9. After the wax has cooled, untie the wicks and trim.
DIY beeswax beaker candles
DIY beeswax beaker candles

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