DIY Geode Jewelry Box

DIY Geode Jewelry Box

How to make a geode jewelry box. #DIY #GiftIdea
I’m really excited to share today’s post–it is definitely one of my favorite blog projects so far. It all started when I fell in love with Anthropologie’s fabulous geode and druzy quartz knobs. I didn’t have any furniture or cabinets in need of knobs (plus they’d be quite expensive if you needed more than a few), but I love them so much I was determined to figure out a way to use them. I realized a geode jewelry box would be the perfect way to showcase the beauty of the knobs, and then it was just a matter of hunting down the right boxes. Turns out the Container Store has great lacquered boxes in a variety of colors and sizes, making this a very customizable project. Even if you don’t like pretty rocks as much as I do, there are tons of other possibilities for fancy jewelry box pulls at Anthropologie alone: bees, forest critters, flowers, bugs of various sorts, snakes and lizards, or even just fancy glass. And that’s without even branching out to other stores, which have a billion other options. Okay now I want to make about ten more boxes–good thing they’d make great gifts!

How to make a geode jewelry box. #DIY #GiftIdea

Geode Jewelry Box


Knob or pull (the ones I used are here, but here’s a tutorial to make your own knobs from rocks) I recommend buying your knobs in person, if possible, especially if you want more than one that match. The colors and shapes vary a lot between knobs.
Lacquer box (I used the x-small rectangular box and the round box)


Drill and bits
Small wrench that fits the nut on the knob
Hacksaw (or bolt-cutter)
How to make a geode jewelry box. #DIY


1. Remove the lid of the box and measure and mark the center point.
How to make a geode jewelry box. #DIY #giftidea

2. Slowly drill a hole in the lid at the point you’ve marked, using a drill bit with the same diameter as the knob’s screw.
How to make a geode jewelry box. #DIY #giftidea
3. Your knob should come with a nut to hold it in place. Remove the nut from the knob (you may need the little wrench if it’s tight), and insert the knob through the hole in the lid.
How to make a geode jewelry box. #DIY #giftidea
4. Screw the nut onto the knob so that it’s tight on the underside of the lid, and measure from the bottom of the screw to the bottom of the nut.
How to make a geode jewelry box. #DIY #giftidea
5. Remove the knob from the lid, and cut off the length of the screw you measured in the last step, using either a hacksaw or bolt-cutters.
How to make a geode jewelry box. #DIY #giftidea
6. Screw the shortened-knob back through the hole in the lid, and securely tighten the nut on the underside to hold it in place.
How to make a geode jewelry box. #DIY #giftidea

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