Make a Faux Fur Throw Pillow

DIY Faux Fur Pillow Tutorial
I can’t remember where I read it, but I recently came across the idea that a great room design incorporates varying pattern, texture, and shine. When I found this amazing faux fur fabric, I knew it would make the perfect pillow to help fulfill the texture part of that recommendation. Plus, it reminds me a lot of a seventies faux fur pillow my grandparents had when I was growing up. The only problem is that my sewing machine is currently in the shop getting a tune-up, and I didn’t want to have to wait for a new pillow. Luckily this is a super easy hand-sewing project. Faux fur is really forgiving of hand-stitches, and even without a sewing machine, this pillow should only take an hour or two to whip up. With a sewing machine, you can have it done in no time, though you’ll still want to hand-stitch part of it. Either way, it’s way cheaper than this version from West Elm, or this one from Anthropologie, plus no lambs were harmed. Win-win!
DIY Faux Fur Pillow TutorialDelicious is not super sure about this addition to her chair. She feels it might be competing with her fluffiness.

Faux fur fabric, 1/2 yard (I used this curly mongolian faux fur)
Pillow insert (I used one that was 18×18 inches)
Hand sewing needle
Measuring tape
DIY Faux Fur Pillow Tutorial
1. For an 18×18-inch pillow, measure a strip of fabric 36 inches long by 18 inches wide. To cut the faux fur, mark where you want to cut it, snip about an inch on the back, and then tear the fabric straight across. This way you won’t end up cutting any of the pile of the fur. (Thanks to the woman at the fabric store cutting counter for this useful tip!)
DIY Faux Fur Pillow Tutorial
DIY Faux Fur Pillow Tutorial
2. Fold the fabric in half, right sides together, so you have an 18×18-inch square. Tuck the fur into the interior, and pin two of the three open edges together.
DIY Faux Fur Pillow Tutorial
3. Start with a corner between a pinned edge and a folded edge. Hand sew straight across the corner using a backstitch, about an inch in from the corner point, and continue sewing the pinned edges together. When you reach the next corner, sew across it, then sew the next edge and the following corner. Backstitch a few times, tie a sturdy knot, and cut your thread.
DIY Faux Fur Pillow Tutorial
4. Turn the pillow right-side-out, and insert your pillow through the open edge to check the fit. Check the corners for any fur fibers that were caught under the stitching, and gently pull them free. Remove your pillow form and turn the cover inside-out again.
DIY Faux Fur Pillow Tutorial
5. Round off the last corner of the pillow cover by sewing across it as you did with the three other corners. Continue sewing about 1/3 of the open edge shut, then backstitch several times and make a sturdy knot.
6. Clip off the corners of the fabric.
DIY Faux Fur Pillow Tutorial

7. Turn the cover right-side-out and stuff the pillow form through the opening. Blind-stitch the open edge shut. Now you have a pillow!
DIY Faux Fur Pillow Tutorial

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