DIY Faux Leather Pencil Cup

DIY leather desk organizer tutorial
Even though I haven’t been in school in years, when I hear the words “back to school,” sometimes I still get that feeling of dread/excitement that accompanied the start of every school year. Everybody knows that the best part of the new school year is shopping for new clothes and supplies, but here’s how you can make your own fancy (faux) leather-covered desk organizers to hold those shiny new pens and paintbrushes.

Tin can
Faux leather – I found this white textured faux leather sample at SCRAP. You can also use real leather.
Can opener – One that doesn’t leave a sharp edge. I used this one.
Measuring tape
Thin cork – I used cork placemats from Ikea.
Glue – I used E6000.
Painter’s tape
Thick decorative paper
Spreader for glue
DIY leather desk organizer tutorial
1. Start with a clean, dry tin can, label removed. When you remove the lid, you definitely want to use a can-opener that doesn’t leave a sharp edge, otherwise you run the risk of cutting yourself.

2. Measure the height and circumference (distance around) your can. Add half an inch to the height.

3. Measure and mark the measurements on the back of the faux leather, then cut out the piece.

4. Wrap the faux leather around your can to make sure it fits properly, and trim if necessary. You want the side seam to line up precisely, with no overlap.

5. Spread glue on your faux leather piece, paying particular attention to the bottom edge and side seams.

6. Wrap the faux leather around the can, aligning the bottom edge with the bottom of the can. Secure the seam with painter’s tape. Press securely around the exterior of the can.

7. Add glue to the inside top edge of the faux leather, and fold it into the can. Allow the glue to dry.

8. Trace around the can, then cut out a circle of cork for the outside bottom and glue it in place. Allow glue to dry.

9. To give your pencil holder a finished look, line the inside. Measure the interior of the can and add about 1/4 inch to the height and circumference. Cut out a piece of thick paper these dimensions. Cut out a piece of cork that fits the interior bottom of the can.

10. Coat the insides of the can in glue. Roll up the paper and carefully slide it into the can, then unfurl it so it lines the interior of the can. Press against the sides and allow to dry. Coat the interior bottom with glue, then press the cork circle down onto it.

DIY leather desk organizer tutorial

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