Stencil Your Change Jar

stenciled change jar
You guys, I have a confession to make: For this project I stooped to petty larceny. I needed a large glass jar and didn’t happen to have any big enough, so on garbage day, I trolled the neighbors’ recycling bins for the perfect specimen. I found it just a few houses down, and now people on my street probably think I’m a weirdo who steals from recycling bins. And they’re right. The sacrifices I make for this blog.

When deciding what to stencil on this jar, I went through several options in my head. I considered “Cash Money,” “Big Money,” “Ice Cream Fund,” or simply, “Change,” before deciding on the classic, “Mo Money Mo Problems.” It cracks me up to think of the small amount of money in a (stolen) change jar generating problems for anyone–it definitely wasn’t what the song was about. But it’s a lot more fun than a plain glass jar, and the effect of the coins peeking through the stencil is pretty cool.

Alphabet stickers
Glass jar – Completely clean and dry
Spray paint – I used Krylon semi gloss in white
Spray primer
X-acto knife
Measuring tape
change jar 1
1. Cut out the letters from the sticker sheet, and lay them out flat to get an idea of placement and alignment. Then stick them to your jar. A measuring tape/ruler and pen may be helpful for lining up the letters. Press the letters firmly onto the glass to create crisp edges.
2. & 3. Spray the glass with a few light coats of white primer, followed by light coats of white spraypaint. To prevent drips, make sure to keep the paint can 6-8 inches from the jar, and keep it moving at all times while you’re spraying. Light coats are key!
4. After the paint has dried, carefully peel off the letters. Use an x-acto knife to lift the edges of the stickers or score any areas of paint that start to peel off with the stickers.

Fill that jar up!
stenciled change jar

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