Log Plant Stand


Log Plant Stand

This summer we’ve had a lot of people come to visit and stay with us, which is usually a lot of fun but also tends to cut into my DIY project time. But this log plant stand is such a fast and easy project that I managed to finish it anyway. The steps were: 1) Steal a dry log from my parents’ stack of firewood. 2) Take off the bark. 3) Sand down the top and bottom edges. 4) Slap on some stick-on felt feet. I have some ideas for how I may gussy it up in the future, but for now it holds plants just fine.
log plant stand 1
By the way, the plant on top of the log is one that I always recommend to people who say they have a brown thumb. It’s golden pothos, sometimes known as devil’s ivy, and it’s ridiculously resilient. I actually found this one abandoned on the street a couple of months ago, with only one leaf left. Other than repot it and give it water and sunlight, I really haven’t done much, and obviously it has bounced right back.

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