DIY Bloody Halloween Candle

Happy Halloween! As promised, here’s a little bit more last-minute DIY Halloween decor. All you need for this one is matches, a white pillar candle, and a red tealight, and you can make yourself a creepy, faux-bloody candle. When picking the candles, keep in mind that because of the translucence of wax, you might want to go a bit darker with the red than you might think you would.bloody candle 1
bloody candle 2

Shown above with my DIY bat flock.
DIY Blood Drip Halloween Candle
To make your own blood-drip candle, simply light the red tealight, let some of the wax melt, and tip it over the top of the white candle, covering it with drips on top and along the sides. Vary the sizes of the drips by letting more or less wax melt before tipping the red candle. (Be careful with the hot wax and open flames!)
DIY Blood Drip Halloween Candle

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