DIY Chain Tassel Necklace

DIY Chain Tassel Necklace

After I went a few months without being able to go down into my basement, when I finally did make it back down there, I was dismayed by how messy it was. So I started trying to organize some of my supplies. While doing so, I came across a whole lot of random lengths of chain, leftover from other projects. Most were too short to be a necklace chain on their own, but of course I couldn’t just throw them away. So I turned the mismatched, salvaged pieces of chain into a chain tassel necklace. Mixing different finishes, colors, and weights of chains works perfectly, but if you prefer a more uniform look, you could always make yours with matching chain. However you put yours together, it’s a fun take on fringe that I could see working well with lots of different styles.

DIY chain tassel/fringe necklace
Chain of various thicknesses and finishes
Necklace chain with clasp – I used a long, 24-inch chain.
Large bead endcap – I used one with about 9mm inner diameter, similar to this one.
Wire cutters

DIY chain tassel/fringe necklace

1. Cut several pieces of chain to approximately the same length. I went with 3 inches, and I ended up using 16 pieces total.
tassel necklace 1
2. Cut a piece of wire about 1.5 inches long, and string the chain onto it.
DIY chain tassel/fringe necklace
3. When you’ve added all of your chain, loop one end of the wire and wrap it to secure it. (Further instructions if you’ve never done this before.)
DIY chain tassel/fringe necklace
4. Slide the endcap over the chain.
DIY chain tassel/fringe necklace
5. Make a wrapped loop in the wire above the endcap, and trim the excess wire.
DIY chain tassel/fringe necklace
6. Trim the chain tassel pieces so that they’re as even as you’d like, and thread the tassel onto a necklace chain.
DIY chain tassel/fringe necklace

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