DIY Fringe Tassel

DIY Fringe Tassel

Aside from going out and buying a pre-made one, this is definitely the easiest way to get your hands on a tassel. And unlike the pre-made ones, when you make your own you have lots more options for the color and size.While I was looking for the embroidery thread to make these tassels with, I came across a piece of fringe trim. Based on the thread on the edge, I think it was originally attached to some fabric, but I can’t remember where it came from. Regardless of the source of my fringe, I realized that it could easily become a tassel.
DIY fringe tassel
I’ve shared how to make embroidery thread tassels, chain tassels, leather tassels, and seed bead tassels, and now with this tutorial for how to make tassels from fringe trim, I think I’ve exhausted the topic. I don’t want to turn this into a tassel blog, plus I can’t imagine that there are too many other ways to make them. Maybe I could cover all of the many different ways to use them. Although I’ve mainly used the ones I’ve made for jewelry and accessories, they also work well for home decor. Tassels are classics on curtains, but I’ve also seen them used on blankets, pillows and even baskets. Anthropologie has a very inspiring tassel section right now. Maybe that tassel blog isn’t such a bad idea after all.

DIY fringe tassel

Chainette fringe trim – Most large fabric stores should carry fringe trim, but you can also find it herehere, and even on Amazon in bulk.
Glue – I used E6000
Bead end caps – I used ones with a 9 mm inner diameter, similar to these.
Head pin or eye pin
Jewelry pliers

1. Cut a piece of fringe trim that will fit into your bead cap when rolled up. I cut mine 2 inches wide, but your trim thickness may be different. Cut more than you think you’ll need, and trim if necessary.
2. Insert the head pin/eye pin through the hole in the bead end cap. Roll up the fringe as tightly as possible and check whether it fits into your end cap. Trim if necessary, then roll it back up and glue into the end cap.
3. After the glue has dried, trim the fringe if necessary to even it up, or shorten it.
4. Make a wrapped loop in the head pin/eye pin and trim the wire.

Slip it on the necklace chain, or make another and use them for earrings.

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