Faux Fur Scarf DIY

DIY faux fur scarf tutorial
I’ve been wanting to make a colorful faux fur scarf ever since I posted this roundup of inspiration back in November. In the meantime I encountered even more examples of colorful faux fur looking stylish.
faux fur scarf 13
From left to right: This slideshow, Anthropologie, this slideshow.
Although spring is well on its way here in Portland, I know that some of you are not so lucky. So this very cozy scarf might be just the thing to keep you nice and warm out there. It’s a lot faster than knitting a scarf, that’s for sure. If the weather outside is frightful, you don’t have any time to waste, so whip this up on your next snowday.
DIY faux fur scarf tutorial
DIY faux fur scarf tutorial
Faux fur – 1/2 yard, at least 54 inches wide. I bought mine from Fabric Depot.
Large hook and eye closure – I bought mine at Bolt.
Sewing machine
Hand needle
Measuring tape

1. Measure and mark a strip of faux fur 13 inches wide by 54 inches long. Either cut out that strip of fur, and then trim it, or mark it as follows in step 2 before doing any cutting. Here’s a faux fur cutting trick: Only cut with the tip of the scissors, to avoid cutting the pile of the fur. (Or, if you’re just cutting in a straight line across the grain of the fabric, tear it instead of using scissors.)
DIY faux fur scarf tutorial
2. On each short end of the strip, measure in 2 inches from each corner, and mark. Measure 18 inches from each corner on the long sides, and mark. Draw a diagonal line from the 2-inch mark, to the edge of the fabric at 18 inches. The shape should look like this at each end:
DIY faux fur scarf tutorial
3. Cut out the faux fur strip, and fold it in half the long way. Pin the edges together, and as you do so, tuck the fur pile into the inside.
DIY faux fur scarf tutorial
4. Sew along the edges, leaving a gap of about 4-5 inches in the center of the long edge.
DIY faux fur scarf tutorial
5. Reach into the tube and turn it right-side-out. Now you have a scarf with an opening in the side.
DIY faux fur scarf tutorial
6. Hand stitch the opening closed. This is tricky because the fur pile makes it really hard to see where you’re stitching, but it’s also very forgiving, because your stitching is hidden.
DIY faux fur scarf tutorial
7. Hand stitch the hook and eye closures on each side of the scarf, about 10 inches from the ends. Make sure to secure them well.
DIY faux fur scarf tutorial
DIY faux fur scarf tutorial

DIY faux fur scarf tutorial

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  1. Hi, wonderful DIY on the faux fur. What is the finished width of the scarf? I got a bit confused when you said fold it in half? I’m presuming the scarf is about 6 inches wide? Is that wide enough for faux fur and is the scarf you’re showing in the images with the blonde girl, the exact scarf and measurements you made?

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