DIY Pipe Paper Towel Holder


DIY Pipe Paper Towel Holder

DIY industrial pipe paper towel holder
Since we moved into our house, we’ve been slowly chipping away at changes we want to make to our kitchen, like replacing the light over the kitchen sink. Even bigger improvements are ahead, but I thought that adding this built-in paper towel holder would be a fun and quick project. I was totally inspired by this copper pipe paper towel holder, but my version is even easier because you don’t need to cut pipe or use glue–everything just screws together.


12-inch 1/2-inch threaded pipe
4-inch 1/2-inch threaded pipe
1/2-inch floor flange
1/2-inch 90-degree elbow
1/2-inch cap
4 screws, 1/2-inch long *See below for notes
DIY industrial pipe paper towel holder


1. *This project is really simple once you have the materials, but you must make sure to get the right stuff. Your screws must be short enough that they won’t go all the way through the bottom of your cabinets, and the head on the screws must be large enough to not go through the holes on the flange. With the flanges I was using, this was pretty tricky, but yours may vary. Don’t leave the hardware store without testing the screw head size on the flanges!

I was able to find all of the pieces and pre-cut pipe sizes I needed at Home Depot.

2. Wash your greasy metal pipe pieces with dish soap and water, and allow to dry.

3. Once everything is dry, screw the pieces together.
DIY industrial pipe paper towel holder
DIY industrial pipe paper towel holder

4. Attach to the underside of your cabinets by marking the holes in the flange, drilling them, and screwing on the holder. Measure and mark your drill bit with a piece of tape to make sure you don’t drill too far.
DIY industrial pipe paper towel holder

DIY industrial pipe paper towel holder

I love how much counter space this frees up, so now I’m wondering why I didn’t make it sooner. It was super easy, and as a bonus, the 12-inch pipe and flange were both leftovers from another project that I was able to use up. Craft win!

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