DIY Agate Slice Vase

DIY Agate Slice Vase

DIY agate slice vase

As I’ve said many times, I’m a big fan of rocks and minerals (evidence: my geode jewelry box and crystal curtain tiebacks). One type that I particularly like is agate slices. So when I saw an overpriced vase with an agate slice on the side, I knew I had to make my own. And now you can, too, because it’s really, really easy.

Just glue an agate slice to a vase. If that seems too easy, you can make it more complicated by adding some gold gilding, or metallic gold paint, to the edges of your agate before you glue it. I debated doing that to mine, but in the end decided to keep it simple.
DIY agate slice vase

How to Make an Agate Slice Vase


Agate slice – I bought mine from American Science and Surplus, but they don’t let you specify the color. So either find a rock or museum shop to pick out your rock in person, or turn to Etsy for a huge selection.
Glass vase – It needs to have a flat, uncurved side. I bought this one at Michaels.
Glue – I used Loctite Glass Glue.
DIY agate slice vase


1. Clean your vase with soap and water, and dry.
2. Decide how to position your rock, then add several small drops of glue to the back side of the slice, and quickly place it on the glass. The glue will dry clear, but try to put it on the most opaque areas of the agate that you can find. And be careful when positioning the agate–once you put it on the glass, you can’t count on being able to move it because the glue sticks right away. (I’d never used this glue before, but I thought it was great!)
DIY agate vase
3. Let the glue dry 24 hours, and then find some flowers.
DIY agate vase

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  1. What a gorgeous vase! I’ve used agate geodes in my DIYs too but mainly for jewelry 🙂 I’ve also pasted them on boxes but not done tutorials for those 🙂

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