Happy New Year!

Happy 2016! I spent the last couple of days of 2015 visiting my sister Elise in Ashland (down in southern Oregon, near the California border), and then driving home up the Oregon coast.
Oregon coast

Gray whales migrate from Alaska down to Mexico during this time of year, so we were hoping to do some whale-watching on the way home. We definitely spotted some spouting, which is about as good as it gets unless you’re out in a boat. But we want to go back during the spring migration, when it’s a bit warmer and the whales reportedly get closer to shore.
Oregon coast

Regardless of the whales, the Oregon coast is incredibly picturesque, isn’t it? These photos are all from the Heceta Head Lighthouse viewpoint, where we stopped just before sunset. It always blows my mind to realize that a place this beautiful is just a couple of hours away.

Oregon coast

If I was making resolutions for 2016, maybe one of them would be to visit the Oregon coast more often.

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