How to Clean Silver Jewelry Without Polishing

When I was sorting through my jewelry to put stud earrings on my earring rack, I started noticing how tarnished and dirty a lot of my pieces were. And then I remembered my favorite trick for how to clean silver jewelry without polishing. It’s really easy, and kind of addictive–I kept finding new pieces to clean up.

So I figured that in case anyone doesn’t know about this trick, I should share it. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Line the bottom of a bowl or dish with aluminum/tin foil.
  2. Put the jewelry on top of the foil so each piece is touching it.
  3. Dump a tsp or two (or more if your bowl is big) of baking soda in the bowl.
  4. Boil water, and pour it in the bowl.
  5. Let water cool.
  6. Repeat if necessary.

I had to do a couple of rounds for some of my really dirty jewelry. You can either re-heat the water that’s already in there (take the jewelry and foil out if you do it in the microwave!), or start over.
how to clean jewelry without polishing

It seems like magic, but it’s science! Here’s what’s happening, if you want to read more about it. Unlike polishing, it actually converts the tarnish back into silver, so you don’t lose material.

If you’ve got jewelry to clean up, I hope this trick helps, and if you already knew about it, I hope you didn’t mind seeing the reminder.

Now go forth and shine!

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