Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration

Happy September! I’ve always had mixed feelings about this month, because my birthday is in a few days, but it’s also the end of summer vacation and back-to-school time. Sometimes school literally started on my birthday, which is really the worst present of all. But let’s look at the bright side here–I got to do lots of fun stuff in August, and I hope you did, too. Here are some of the projects and recipes I shared last month.
Summer DIY projects: Easy poster frame, printable kitchen measurement conversion chart, earbud holder, citronella candle, plant hanger Wooden poster hanger | Kitchen measurement conversion chart | Earbud holder | Citronella candles | Leather plant hanger

September 2016 food Carmelized honey miso butter grilled corn | Baked falafel | Rhubarb crumble ice cream | Tzatziki cucumber sauce/dip | Real mint chocolate ice cream

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