Easy Last-Minute Foraged Thanksgiving Table Decor

This year when it comes to Thanksgiving, I’m on top of the food, but I kind of forgot about the decor. The other day I realized that I should figure out my Thanksgiving tablescape situation, and started trying to come up with easy table decor that can be thrown together at the last minute. Driving to a busy grocery store or florist really didn’t sound appealing, so I decided to forage for my tablescape.

Foraged Thanksgiving tablescape flowers

Foraging gives you an excuse to go outside and take a walk, challenges your creativity, and is basically free, so what’s not to like? Put someone else in charge of minding the oven, grab some clippers, and go hunt and gather your own decor.

Thanksgiving tablescape flowers

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



1. Go outside and forage. Clip any appealing greenery (and flowers, if you’re lucky) that you can find. (If you don’t have enough in your own yard, parks and alleys can help supplement your haul, but be reasonable and respectful.) I used ivy, rosemary (bonus, it smells lovely!), dried zebra grass flowers, mums, and some random red berries.Foraged Thanksgiving tablescape flowers

2. Stick your greenery in containers. Glasses or mason jars will definitely do the trick. No need to get fancy if you don’t have vases handy. The wood box is one I built for a window box, but any appropriately-sized wood box that you can fit jars in will do the trick.
Thanksgiving tablescape flowers
3. Add other elements. I supplemented my foraged items with some dried eucalyptus, preserved Spanish moss, a weird dried seed pod, feathers, white fake pumpkins, and candles. If you’ll be lighting them, be sure to keep flammable stuff away from the candles! For the box, the jars holding the greenery are hidden under the moss. Other things you could add: real mini pumpkins or squash, or pinecones.

Foraged Thanksgiving tablescape flowers
Foraged Thanksgiving tablescape flowers

4. Add the most important parts: Family, friends, and food. Happy Thanksgiving!

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