Plant Lady Gift Guide

Plant Lady Gift Guide

The popularity of plants has soared over the last couple of years, and I’m not at all embarrassed to admit that I’m an enthusiastic plant lady. They’re beautiful, and clean the air we breath, so what’s not to like? If you have a plant lady in your life, here are some ideas for holiday gifts. (Adding all of these to my own wish list, except for the book Plant Craft, which I already have and recommend.)

I know it’s getting so close to Christmas that international shipping is definitely out of the question, so I included a couple of similar items available from Etsy sellers in different countries, and noted the shop locations when the info was available.

Gifts perfect for the plant lady in your life. #plants #gifts #plantlady
Jungle tote | Plants and cats pin (UK) | Trio plant hanger | Monstera earrings (US) | Plant mister | Chinese money plant (US) |
Gifts perfect for the plant lady in your life. #plants #gifts #plantlady
Marblelized planters | Plant love patch | Best fronds enamel pin pair (US) | Planter set with tray | “DIY Succulents” book | Houseplants mug | Monstera pin | “Plant Craft” book

Gifts perfect for the plant lady in your life. #plants #gifts #plantlady #holidays #christmas

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