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Breakfast Nook Makeover Progress: Paint, Fabric and Light Update

Since the last update on my breakfast nook makeover, I’ve made a bunch of progress! Fairly subtle progress, but it was stuff that needed to get done before the project is finished. I did some painting, picked out fabric for the cushions, and found a new shade for the light. Oh, and re-styled the shelves […]


Breakfast Nook Update Inspiration

A few days ago I was idly browsing my Instagram feed, as ya do, and an image stopped me dead in my scroll. It was this beautiful breakfast nook from this apartment tour. “I have a breakfast nook,” I thought to myself. “Why doesn’t it look anywhere near this good?” My breakfast nook is currently pretty […]


My Top 10 One Room Challenge Favorites of Spring 2018

Do you follow the One Room Challenge? If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a twice-yearly event where bloggers take six weeks to makeover one room. The spring 2018 round just ended a couple of weeks ago. Any blogger can participate as a guest, which means there is tons of real-world design inspiration. I’m just getting […]


Hanging Curtains Right to Make Your Windows Look Bigger

Alternate post titles: “Why I’ve Moved My Curtains More Times Than I Can Remember,” “Hanging Curtains Right: What Not to Do,” “My Biggest Design Mistake In My House,” or “How to Learn From My Mistakes and Hang Your Curtains Right The First Time.” I know that hanging curtains might not seem like the most exciting thing […]

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