DIY Tangled Chain Earrings

DIY Tangled Chain Earrings

After several sewing-intensive tutorials, I thought it was time for some easy (but awesome) jewelry. These were inspired by some earrings I saw in a shop, and they are quite simple to re-create. Just look how short the supplies list is–you hardly need anything to make these! Several of the types of chain I used were recycled from thrifted jewelry, so I encourage you to look for non-new sources for the materials. Maybe you’ve got a few old necklaces lying around that you’re willing to sacrifice, and if not thrift stores and garage sales will definitely be able to fill the need.

Chain (about 60 inches total, of several different types)
Earring hooks


1. For each earring, cut five 6-inch pieces of chain and a piece of wire about 1.5 inches long, or ten pieces of chain total. I’d recommend at lease three different types, with different chain configurations and finishes.

2. At approximately the middle point of each piece of chain, thread it onto the wire until you have five pieces of chain looped on each piece of wire. Don’t worry about making them exactly even, in fact I deliberately made sure one end was a bit longer than the other.

3. Once you’ve got all of your chains on the wire, wrap one end of the wire to make a loop. Here’s a tutorial for how to do it if it’s a new technique for you. Don’t worry, obviously mine isn’t perfect and yours doesn’t have to be either because you’re going to cover it up. Make sure you leave enough wire to make a loop at the top, too.

4. Repeat the last step to make a top loop and attach the earring hook to this loop.

5. Take a dangling length of chain and tie it loosely around the bottom loop of wire. Repeat with about half of the lengths of chain, loosely tying them around the rest of the chain around or near the top loop to create a tangled effect.

tangled chain earrings

6. Wear your new earrings!

tangled chain earrings 3

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5 thoughts on “DIY Tangled Chain Earrings

  1. These are fantastic! And you are gorgeous. I’m trying not to buy anything new in June. I’m making a one shoulder ruffle t-shirt (made from a men’s T) and these would be perfect to pair with that. I’m making them! :o) If I post about it I will link back to you.

    Thanks for a great tutorial!!!

    1. Aw, Marna, thank you! And I hope that you do make them! They’re super easy.

      Buying nothing new in June is a great goal. I bet you’ll have a fun month of making/thrifting things instead of buying them new. I think it forces you to be more creative.

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