Suiting Up

Suiting Up

Can I have one of each, please? Came across these today on another blog (can’t remember which one), who found them via Shotgun Season. I have no idea where they’re from, though! Anyone know?

I thought that they looked like something Anthropologie would carry, but they were nowhere to be found in their swimwear section. Instead, they had their own assortment of super cute suits.

Natalie One-Piece
, Drawn to the Heart Maillot

Take Shape Bikini, Peaceful Seas Bikini

Just the motivation I need to get back in shape!

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3 thoughts on “Suiting Up

  1. I am relatively certain the red polka-dot one-piece is from J Crew last season. I coveted it but in the end did not buy. I went with a SPANX suit instead, if that says anything about a girl’s motivation to get in shape (mine didn’t last!).

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