What I Made

What I Made

I just updated my “What I Made” page. See that little link up on the right, under the title? Click on it, and now it has thumbnail pictures and links to all of the tutorials that I’ve written. The photos are new, and I was missing several projects that I’ve now added. My top five favorites from the last year include:

Faux fur collar

Bow back blouse

Scalloped shorts

Tangled chain earrings

High-Waisted Pencil Skirt

These are my favorites because I wear them the most. In particular I’ve made several versions of both the high-waisted skirt and the faux fur collars, and they’re both super adaptable to suit different styles. And yes, I use my own tutorials if I haven’t made something in awhile and forgot how to do it.

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6 thoughts on “What I Made

  1. I have made several of your skirts as well!!! I love it – it is so easy and looks great! I have currently made 4 of them – a black and white plaid, a solid black, a tweed, and a whimsical linen one with a yellow background and some Chinese designs!!! Thank you so much for posting this wonderful tutorial 🙂

  2. the last two links take me to error pages! would love to see how you made this skirt and these shorts! help? <3

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