Pendleton Portland Collection

Pendleton Portland Collection

Growing up in Oregon, I was used to seeing Pendleton jackets and blazers on very uncool middle-aged parents (when they weren’t wearing Columbia fleece-lined waterproof coats). For the last three seasons Pendleton has done collaborations with Opening Ceremony, putting them on the fashion radar. Now they’re releasing “The Portland Collection” for Fall 2011, presumably for the hipster market. Two of the designers founded the Church and State fashion label, and the other did costume design for The Decemberists. Of course it’s got plaid, but it’s also got some fantastic sweaters and Navajo-print outerwear.

(Photos via Honey Kennedy)

I’ll take one of each, please. Especially those cardigans. They’re unisex, so if your man is the cardigan-wearing type, you can share! They remind me of one from Mara Hoffman’s Fall 2011 show.

I’m calling it–triangle-prints are a trend for Fall 2011.

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  1. Oh wow, I too am raising my hand in remembrance of my mother and her wool Pendleton blazers. I had seen these photos elsewhere before but did NOT know they were from something called The Portland Collection. Quite fitting, I must say.

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