Ear Candy

Ear Candy

When I saw these Urbanears headphones I spent a while trying to figure out what they reminded me of.

And then I realized what it was…


Sure, candy tastes good, but everybody knows that the sugar will rot your teeth and the calories will expand your waistline. Some candy-colored headphones, however, would be most welcome in my Easter basket.

There are so many lovely colors that I can’t even decide which ones I like best. Maybe those aqua ones in the third row…or the lavender ones…or the pink ones. Or maybe I just need a pair to match every outfit.

As for jelly beans, I’m partial to the Dr. Pepper flavor. But I love the cinnamon ones. And the lemon. The Starburst jelly beans are my real weakness, though. What’s your favorite headphone color and/or jelly bean flavor?

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