Links I Like

Links I Like

Why didn’t I get an invitation to the world’s cutest birthday party (which just happens to be for a cat)? I don’t know either of my cats’ birthdays, so I think that means I get to make one up and have a double birthday on their behalf. Right?

Especially if I’ve gone to the trouble to straighten my hair, I’m definitely not getting it wet for at least a day. This is where hair powder, otherwise known as dry shampoo, comes in handy. Although I have been known to use baking soda and/or cornstarch to do the job, Readymade has a recipe for organic hair powder that looks much fancier.

In the US tax day is on Monday, so if you’ve just given all of your money to Uncle Sam, check out Refinery29’s four cute outfits that are under $50 apiece.

So it turns out that making your own tea towel is super easy. And then you can embroider it with cute things. Because that’s pretty much what tea towlels are for, as far as I can tell.

Need some DIY inspiration? These body chains look like they’d be pretty easy to replicate if you know how to use jump rings and pliers. I like the idea of wearing them under your clothes, so just parts of them peek out.

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