The people have spoken

The people have spoken

The voting was 75% in favor of short sleeves on this dress, which was my inclination in the first place, so I chopped them off and hemmed them the other day. I also fixed the fit at the shoulders, and overall it’s quite an improvement. Something tells me I’ll be wearing this one a lot this spring and summer.

It was time for some springy nailpolish–this one is “Pink Bliss,” by Rimmel.

The weather here is finally nice, and there are lots of events going on this weekend in Cambridge and Boston, so I’m looking forward to being out and about. Hope you have nice weekend plans!

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4 thoughts on “The people have spoken

  1. love the dress resewing and the ankle strap shoes! found your blog on flickr and i will be checking out the rest of your tutorials. the bow blouse is awesome!!

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