Sorry to have dropped out of the blogging world for so long there! I truly intended to post while I was in Portland, but I was super busy, plus I forgot my camera cable. It felt like I was running around like crazy while I was there, trying to get as much done for the wedding as possible.

It wasn’t all work, though. I really went to Portland to see my youngest sister, Elise, graduate. She’s the last of four kids to finish college, and we’re so proud of her.

(Yes, curly hair and blue eyes run in the family.)

While I was there I also had a ton of wedding-related stuff to try to do. Once I actually saw the venue I had a better idea of how to decorate it, so I started getting together the supplies to make it prettier. That all took way more time than I thought it would. I also needed to practice decorating my wedding cake. My other sister, Andrea, is going to make it. Some family friends threw me a wedding shower, and Andrea made a practice cake for it. I made the gumpaste flowers, and she did all the rest.

This one was chocolate with hazelnut chocolate mousse filling. It was delicious, but unfortunately it fell apart when it was cut, so my sister nixed it and we turned to plan B.

We made this one for Elise’s graduation party, and it gave Andrea a chance to practice tiers and me more practice at making flowers. And gumpaste graduation caps.

It was lemon buttermilk cake with raspberry and lemon curd filling, and it looked and tasted amazing. I think it’s a keeper.

Later this week I plan to post some of the DIY projects I’ve started, so check back soon!

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