My DIY Heart Shoe Clips


My DIY Heart Shoe Clips

Recently I came across these shoes worn by one of Vanessa Jackman‘s street-style subjects.

I think they’re a pair of those plastic shoes by the brand Melissa.
They reminded me of these shoe clips by

Naturally, my mind turned to DIY options, so when I was cleaning up my craft supplies and came across some sequin heart appliques, I knew what to do.

A little glue plus some shoe clip blanks from Etsy…

and I had myself a pair of heart shoe clips.

If you don’t have any sequin heart appliques on hand, MJ Trimming carries red, pink, and silver ones.

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2 thoughts on “My DIY Heart Shoe Clips

  1. they are Vivienne Westwood… melissa is the name of the company in brazil that made them.. but the deisgn is from Mrs. Westwood 🙂

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