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DIY Recipes

Valentine’s Day Molded Chocolates

Valentine’s Day is next Thursday, and to celebrate I came up with this fun kitchen DIY. It would make a great gift for a loved one or friend, and though I kept it short and sweet, you could definitely spell out something more creative. These look like regular chocolate hearts, but they have a peanut-butter-wasabi-ginger […]


My DIY Heart Shoe Clips

Recently I came across these shoes worn by one of Vanessa Jackman‘s street-style subjects. I think they’re a pair of those plastic shoes by the brand Melissa. They reminded me of these shoe clips by ban.do: Naturally, my mind turned to DIY options, so when I was cleaning up my craft supplies and came across […]


Knit Heart Handwarmers Pattern

Lately I’ve been on a knitting kick, which I’m going to blame entirely on the snowy winter we’ve been having here. Just my luck to move to Boston in an especially harsh year. When it’s cold and wet outside and you don’t need to go out, snuggling in front of a movie with some knitting […]

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