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Reversible Cable Scarf Knitting Pattern

Yesterday I finally finished the scarf I’ve been working on for the last month. I’ve been joking that by the time I finished it, it would be too warm to wear it, but I was actually legitimately worried about that. Fortunately, while spring is on its way, I think I’ll be able to find plenty […]


Mixed-Media Bracelet Tutorial

Lately I’ve seen lots of mixed-media bracelets, combining thread or yarn with metal, but this one is inspired by a very specific example. This lovely Marni bracelet was my starting point for this tutorial. It took me a bit of experimenting to figure out how to attach the yarn to the chain. I started out […]


Knit Heart Handwarmers Pattern

Lately I’ve been on a knitting kick, which I’m going to blame entirely on the snowy winter we’ve been having here. Just my luck to move to Boston in an especially harsh year. When it’s cold and wet outside and you don’t need to go out, snuggling in front of a movie with some knitting […]

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