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My Favorite Fall 2018 One Room Challenge Spaces

Have you guys been following the Fall One Room Challenge? I like to think of it as playoffs for people who care more about design than professional sports. Except instead of a competition, it’s a supportive community. It’s a goal of mine to participate one day, but for now I’m just appreciating all of the […]


Breakfast Nook Update Inspiration

A few days ago I was idly browsing my Instagram feed, as ya do, and an image stopped me dead in my scroll. It was this beautiful breakfast nook from this apartment tour. “I have a breakfast nook,” I thought to myself. “Why doesn’t it look anywhere near this good?” My breakfast nook is currently pretty […]


Free Art for Dorm Rooms and Beyond

(Nearly) free art for broke students has been on my mind lately, because even though I’m not in school and don’t have kids, back to school reminders are everywhere. They’re inescapable! And so I was thinking about the last significant time I went back to school, which was when I moved into college dorms. Decor-wise, dorms […]

Home Inspiration

Outfits and Interiors: Plaid

As the season has changed from summer to fall, I’ve been adjusting my clothing with the temperatures, pulling out my jackets, scarves, and jeans. And as I’ve been incorporating more fall fabrics into my outfits, I’ve been noticing how much interiors pull from some of the same trends as clothing. Which makes sense–just as you put away […]


DIY Inspiration: Bright Painted Doors

Doors are front and foremost in my mind right now because this week I finally tackled a project I’ve been meaning to work on for months. Our 103-year-old house came with beautiful, old five-panel wood doors, some of which are in need of some cosmetic work. Many had original doorknobs and doorplates, but at some point they’d […]

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