5 DIY Hammock Ideas

5 DIY Hammock Ideas

Lately I’ve been into the idea of putting up a backyard hammock. My parents had a big rope hammock when I was growing up (actually, they still have it), which they used to hang up between two old trees every summer. Then my three siblings and I would take turns holding on for dear life while the others tried to flip us off. Sometimes for fun, sometimes because there was only one hammock, and multiple people had laid claim to it. It’s a wonder none of us broke any bones, but the ground was pretty forgiving in that part of the yard.

While I enjoyed my childhood hammock, I don’t foresee any dangerous hammock hijinks in my backyard. Having broken more than a few bones, I’m definitely much less blasé about putting myself in physical danger, so I’ll stick to outdoor naps and relaxation in my hammock. The only question now is: Buy or DIY? There are some beautiful hammocks for sale, but the DIY versions would save you a bunch of cash and give you the satisfaction of making it yourself.


DIY hammocks
Clockwise from top: Kinfolk, DesignSponge , Martha Stewart, Design Milk, Camille Styles


buy hammocks
Clockwise from top left: AnthropologieAnthropologie, Hamanica, Urban Outfitters

What do you think, buy or DIY? Would you try to make your own hammock?

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2 thoughts on “5 DIY Hammock Ideas

  1. definitely diy. premade can be so expensive! and like you said, it’s great to have the satisfaction from making something yourself. plus you can customize it however you like
    Edit: when i have a house again i definitely want to make one. have you seen the hanging chairs you can buy? totally want to make one for my little girls room

    1. Lindsi, I’ve definitely seen a couple of DIY tutorials for the hanging hammock chairs. Sounds like a fun project. Hooaray for DIY!

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