DIY Inspiration: Metal Grid

DIY Inspiration: Metal Grid

These metal grid wall organizers are calling, “Make me!” They all look so good in these photos, but a big part of that is the expert styling. If I make my own, will I be able to curate it so perfectly? I guess we’ll find out, since I’m to the point where I’ve been casually trawling hardware stores for the perfect metal grid to use. I wasn’t having any luck until recently, when I think I stumbled across the right source. Next is the choice of what color to paint it. Black, white, or something else entirely? I’m leaning toward white, but who knows, I may change my mind before the paint hits the metal.
metal grid Clockwise from top left: Hitta Hem, Homesick , Planete Deco, Curbly, Unknown, A Beautiful Mess

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2 thoughts on “DIY Inspiration: Metal Grid

  1. Neat ideas! I use something similar in my gardens called “Cattle Panels”. They might work for you. They are very sturdy come in 4×8 foot size but could be cut with a hack saw or grinder. I buy them at Tractor Supply here in Maine for around $20 each. You can see them in my garden here. I might get a fresh one and try something on the inside. Thanks for your ongoing inspiration! <3 Orah

    1. Orah, thanks! Those look like they’d work perfectly, and I’m sure I could hunt them down at a nearby feed/farm supply store. Great idea!

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