DIY Inspiration: Chunky Knits

DIY Inspiration: Chunky Knits

Don’t these super chunky wool blankets look incredibly warm and cuddly? Perfect for curling up under on a cold winter night, and they look beautiful even when not in use. There are lots of places to buy them, and if you don’t knit, employing a skilled knitter to make one for you is a great idea. But as a knitter, I can’t help but want to try my hand at making my own. So below I’ll give you some resources and ideas for making your own chunky knit blanket, or buying one pre-made.
chunky knits 1
Clockwise from top left: Nocturnal Knits for Free People, deas og mia, stadshemLily and Peabody

chunky knits 2
Clockwise from top: stadshem, loopy mango, kara rosenlund by little dandelion

In my quest to make my own blanket, I searched high and low for patterns and yarn. The trickiest part is finding the giant yarn, and the most visible resource for this is Loopy Mango. They sell the wool on its own, but they also sell kits that include the yarn, needles, and pattern to make your own chunky wool goodness in many luscious colors. They also give away the (simple) patterns. If you want real wool yarn, you can’t expect to do this on the cheap, but their yarn and kits were more than I wanted to pay. When I was doing some searching, I noticed that the yarn retailer Fabulous Yarn recommended BigStitch Merino Wool Bumps as a substitute for Loopy Mango (which they used to carry, but don’t any longer). Two bumps in light grey, plus a pair of Knitters Pride Basix Jumbo Circular Needles size 50 needles in 32″ length, combined with a free pattern, cost considerably less than the kit I had been considering. Here’s my progress so far:
chunky knit 1
I’m about a third done, but Delicious sees no reason to wait to incorporate the blanket into her couch nest. I’ll be sure to post an update when I’m finished.

Other shops with kits and supplies:
Colorways Gallery
Little Dandelion
Wool and the Gang

Several of the shops from the DIY list will also make a blanket for you, if you prefer.
Lily and Peabody
Loopy Mango
Natural Wool Knits
Colorways Gallery
Knitting Noodles
Wool and the Gang
Little Dandelion

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  1. I have been craving one of these ever since they first started showing up on pinterest. Thank you for your list…I may enlist a friend to make me one, or go the route of a shop if I can’t! And yours looks amazing!

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