Labor Day

Labor Day

Yesterday was my birthday, so to celebrate, I did the following:

1. Talked to family and friends and received many nice birthday wishes.

2. Opened a birthday present, my pretty new headphones.

3. Read the adorable birthday card Steven drew for me. His hand-drawn birthday cards are the best. (My favorite cat is definitely the one in the second row from the top to the far left; which one is your favorite?)

4. Climbed a hill in the woods to look at the view.

5. Swung on a rope swing near a pond in the woods. You’re never too old for swinging (no, not that kind)!

6. Ate delicious desserts. This is chocolate mousse, not pictured is the piece of lemon cake we also devoured.

7. Finally watched “The Social Network.” It’s weird how fast things have changed in the world, and how quickly they can make movies about current events.

8. Made friends with three funny little dogs. The owner was trying to get the third one to come to the window, too, but they wouldn’t cooperate.

9. Had pizza for breakfast and Thai food for dinner. I’m pretty sure that on your birthday, you’re allowed to eat whatever you want!

10. Bought myself a birthday present: You can now go to to get here!

P.S. I’d be ever-so-delighted if you feel like subscribing to my blog via your favorite reader or bloglovin, following me on Twitter or Pinterest, or just linking from your blog! I’ll consider it a belated birthday present 😉

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