Links I Like

Links I Like

Check out some fabulous fall styling inspiration here.

Word on the street is that everything in the Missoni Target collaboration was quickly bought up by resellers and is currently all sold out. If you didn’t get a piece of the action, you could crochet your own Missoni-inspired blanket with this free pattern.

In honor of the cooler weather on the way, this knit hat pattern is pretty adorable.

Carly of Chic Steals shared some really great instructions for painting a bag with acrylic paint to achieve a color-blocked look. It seems like the basic steps for painting leather with acrylic paint could be useful for a lot of projects.

My friend Zoh started a fashion blog with her friend Biana, called Strikt Street Fashion. They both have such great senses of style.

If my hair was long enough, I’d be all over this tutorial for how to do a fishtail braid. It looks super cute!

I’m in love with this amazing ring.

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3 thoughts on “Links I Like

  1. Thanks for including a link to my bag project, Rachel! You’re right…acrylic paint can be used on leather for a variety of different pieces, as long as the leather isn’t thin and doesn’t take a lot of wear or compression…otherwise the acrylic paint would crack on such pieces. Best to use real leather paint like Angelus for that stuff!
    And PS that pineapple ring is awesome! I love it:-)

  2. Thank you including my little skull hat in your post Rachel! How lovely. I was so sad to have to mail that baby off though … There’s just something about autumn and knitting.

    Thanks again 🙂

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